Based on a discussion of your unique situation, we will customize or combine services to achieve your goals.

  • business planning
    Whether you're in start-up, expansion, or other key stage, an up-to-date business plan helps you stay in control of your business. A plan covers your business's finances, marketing, human resources and operations. The analysis phase gives you a clearer understanding of your business strengths and challenges -- helping you make better decisions, adapt to change and take advantage of opportunities that arise.
  • strategic planning
    Businesses, organizations and industries need to continually re-evaluate their status in an ever-changing, global environment. This requires customized research and analysis to understand the best strategies for moving forward.
  • financial analysis
    While often part of a business plan or strategic plan, financial analysis can also be done on its own. It identifies which areas of your operation are strong and which could be more efficient. It's the first step in strengthening your business's performance.
  • business impact assessment
    Farms involved in legal cases – expropriation, divorce or family disputes -- want to know how the farm operation will be affected.
  • industry studies
    What are the issues and opportunities in your industry? Where are you in relation to your competitors? How can you increase market share, or perhaps raise the profile of your whole sector? Answers to these and other questions are uncovered in an industry study.
  • succession planning
    Planning how and when to turn your business over to a family member or outside buyer is best done well before you're ready to retire. Thyagrissen can help you get this process underway. The first step is communication—defining the wants and needs of each family member. We work with your family to start discussions, lay out your goals, and address issues like how the transfer will affect farming and non-farming children. At the end of the process, you will have a written plan of what you want to do, ready to take to a lawyer and accountant to work out specific legal and tax implications.
  • education
    Yvonne Thyssen-Post has taught part-time with the Dal AC Faculty of Agriculture since 2010. As an experienced adult educator, she is able to provide coaching and customized workshops that relate business and finance topics directly to your organization.


In addition...

A facilitator can help your group work through a planning session, meeting or project more effectively. Thyagrissen serves as a neutral third party, encouraging broad participation and a shared sense of responsibility for the outcomes.

Workshops & Seminars

From full-day interactive workshops to lunch-time seminars, Thyagrissen can deliver presentations on any of these business service topics.

Thyagrissen can help your business grow, change or take stock, by providing business advice and information that reflects your goals and business environment.


"Yvonne has the business experience you need, but because of her farm background, she also has the basic feeling of what we're going through as farmers. You can't buy that. It sets her apart."

- Robert Bourgeois, Verger Belliveau Orchard, Memramcook, NB
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